Klaudia Stavreva is Kreator and founder of STAVREVA KREATOR, she works as an Artist, Designer, Storyteller and Researcher of cultural and historical phenomena that transcend the classic boundaries of fashion, sexuality, gender, age and religion. Strongly rooted in her Macedonian ancestry. Born and raised in Germany. Holding a diploma in Multi-Media-Design, educated at ArtEZ Fashion Design BA and MA, Arnhem, the Netherlands. Nominated for the Frans Molenaar Couture Award 2016. Work experience includes Maison Margiela Artisanal, Paris.

Collecting, mixing, sampling, editing, collage and the selfie-environment drive my work. By working from the principle of turning things around or ‚inside-out‘ I address and transform material language to relay an experiential sensation. By Injecting my work with autobiographical and anecdotal references I want to redefine the concept of luxury, making it the realm of female experience; intuitive, enigmatic and multidimensional. __Klaudia Stavreva.

Realizing my passion lied beyond fashion only I started to characterize myself as ‘Kreator’. It relates to the English word ‘Creator’ and is closely connected to my provenance. ‘Kreator’ is the designation for Fashion designer (Masculine) in Macedonia, the country I come from.

Due to the inability of pronouncing ‘C’ as ‘K’ in Macedonian language I use the ‘K’ such as in my name ‘Klaudia’. By using ‘Kreator’ as my personal characterization it not only represents my cultural heritage it connects closely my vision of ‘power dressing inversé’.

Thrilled by my concept of ‘power dressing inversé’: The special attention to interface work the closest layer to the body- allows me to incorporate interiors constructions that sensually stimulate the body.

On the surface, iconic uniform pieces. But underneath they show an intimate celebration of individual heritage and the erotic body. My designs are spectacular objects in their own right. Rough, raw, embellished layers. Traditional techniques as stimulating decoration. Personal trinkets worn close on the skin. Embroidered bra cups, ‘wet’ silicone painted details, beaded crotch linings.