Three Anti-DNA objects formed the collection’s starting point ‘Sisterhoood’: The steampunk corset, the fluffy Batman sweater and the anti-muse. These were chosen based on their lack of personal aesthetic appeal; normally, they would not attract or trigger me.

Playing with perception and the act of removing things from their original function, I seek solutions by placing things in a new context. The principle of “turning around, upside-down and inside-out” forms the basis of the collection, guiding my approach to shape and material, challenging expectations.


The ‘Bow’

Experimenting with the corset on the body, I reversed its purpose by leaving it untied. The boning, tubes, tapes, and pattern pieces were translated into new, body-free shapes. Drawing inspiration from traditional techniques and the “Dressing the Body: Silhouette and Fashion” exhibition at Museu Del Disseny, I created a garment with a double identity: an ‘Accessoire-Garment.’

The ‘Mens-Bustier’

This piece takes transformation further by reinterpreting classic men’s trousers into an asymmetrical Bustier-Blouse. Trouser legs became sleeves with hidden shoulder seams, and the waistband morphs into a shoulder-seam, collar, bustier-edge, and back to its original position. The challenge was to keep elements open to interpretation while ensuring comfort and wearability.

A Roller-Coaster ride to Sisterhood

The ‘Fringes-in-Fringe-Collar Coat’

Starting with a leather hide, I reconstructed it into an iconic little ‘fur coat’ à la Courtney Love. Hand-cut fringes created texture and volume, and the coat’s construction was decoded to drape a collar-shape that appears integral to the coat. The fringes are hand-stitched on a sheepskin base, fully lined with silk and finished with Hong Kong seams. This coat exemplifies the collection’s theme of individual pieces that can interact, combine, or stand alone as accessory-garments.

The ‘Louis Dress’

Inspired by a vintage slip dress, this asymmetrical creation uses eight different pattern pieces. Material plays a crucial role, with six different silks ranging from Organdie to Crepe de Chine. Each piece is finished with French seams and features my Anti-Print, a reinterpretation of the Louis Vuitton Murakami Print, questioning the value of luxury brands.


Fringe-in-Fringe Details

Turning a dress and it’s lining inside-out

The Louis Dress

Collection Development