Welcome to my portfolio. Here, you will find a curated selection of my work that blends traditional haute couture techniques with cutting-edge technology. My projects showcase a fusion of impeccable tailoring, avant-garde embellishments, and AI-powered design tools. Each piece is crafted to challenge norms and evoke profound sensory and emotional experiences.

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AI-Enhanced Designs

  • Digital Embroidery Patterns: Created using AI tools like DALL-E to generate unique and intricate embroidery patterns. Applications: High-fashion garments, couture embroidery. Techniques: AI-generated designs, digital embroidery machines.
  • Textile Surface Designs: Developed AI-generated seamless patterns for a Dutch brand’s collection. Applications: Textiles for apparel, home décor. Techniques: AI tools for pattern generation, digital printing.

Tamaro Tigro Projects

  • Sustainable Menswear Collection: Developed tailored boxer shorts and swim trunks. Collaborations: Worked with Berlin-based artists and musicians to create unique aesthetics. Materials: Sustainable fabrics, innovative cuts.
  • Digital Embroidery Techniques: Refined embroidery techniques for digitally printed t-shirts. Applications: High-end menswear, casual apparel. Techniques: Digital embroidery, sustainable materials.

Maison Martin Margiela Experience

  • Prêt-à-Porter Femme Défilé Collection: Assisted senior designers with print and embellishment placements. Contributions: Vintage research, design of embroidered pieces.
  • Artisanal Collection FW 2013: Designed all embroidered pieces. Contributions: Concept development, execution of high-end embroidery.

Research and Experimentation

  • Print Design Innovations: Experimented with digital printing techniques for unique patterns. Techniques: Digital printing, sustainable inks.
  • Embroidery Research: Developed new embroidery techniques integrating AI tools. Techniques: AI design, machine embroidery.
  • Silhouette Exploration: Experimented with innovative silhouette designs. Techniques: Draping, moulage.
  • Shape Research: Developed new shapes and forms using sustainable materials. Techniques: Sustainable fabric manipulation, pattern making.

Master Collection BOSSTVRVA II

  • Signature Look: A fusion of traditional tailoring and modern embellishments. Techniques: Hand embroidery, digital printing.
  • Highlight Piece: A standout piece from the collection showcasing innovative use of materials. Techniques: Material fusion, avant-garde design.

Bachelor Collection

  • Key Design: Early exploration of sustainable materials. Techniques: Hand sewing, pattern drafting.
  • Concept Piece: A concept piece showcasing experimental design. Techniques: Concept development, material research.

Editorials and Photoshoots

  • Editorial Concept: An exploration of gender fluidity in fashion. Techniques: Styling, photography.
  • Key Image: A highlight from the photoshoot. Techniques: Creative direction, model styling.